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 After many rained out evenings and surprisingly cold days, we finally landed on a beautiful spring day to take these sweet maternity photos! Can’t wait to meet this baby boy. Great job, Evan and Alicia! You beauty and kindness is so evident.



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Alison & Mike//Beautiful Lakehouse Wedding, Seneca

Alison and Mike win the award for the most chill wedding people in the history of ever. I actually got to meet Alison in person a bit before their engagement shoot because she selflessly came to the house of prayer with us to be there to pray for Ellie. I didn’t even recognize her at first because we hadn’t met in person yet and I was blown away by her willingness to come. Through the months leading up to their wedding, she frequently wanted to know how we were doing with it all and so when it was time for their engagement shoot I felt like I already knew them. Both of them are incredibly layed back and un-phased..and this was absolutely true for their wedding day as well. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of moonshine, and a lot of beautiful weather. Congratulations, you guys make a gorgeous family.


Jessie + David//Engagement

Oh, man. These two. Jessie was just recently our community director at our church. She’s literally the definition of a servant. This girl does SO much..she’s a machine. I feel like when she and this fella started dating–everyone was all like. Yeah. They’re totally it. He’s totally the one. I felt that way and I don’t even know Jessie SUPER well. So basically when they got engaged I wasn’t surprised………I was like. I mean. Yes. This makes sense. And it is SO good. So I was thrilled to be able to take their engagement photos. And yes, they are actually as cool as they look in these pictures. (P.S. Cool story. My older brother went to Clemson and totally knows David, but I had no idea about any of this until like..a week ago. My brother met him years ago and I just met him recently. I remember when my other brother told me about this that my older brother used to call him by his last name and even my parents recognized his name. Full circle. Small world.)