New beginnings…

As most of you know, I’ve been on somewhat of a photography hiatus. I had to heartbreakingly say “no” to more than a few shoots and weddings that I was dying to attend because I knew I couldn’t deliver images you all deserved when my whole heart and mind were so engrossed in our family situation–and I think that’s okay. And I think that’s hard. To learn when to say no. I do feel that my mind and heart couldn’t have been anywhere else because this is where they needed to be…and I’m so thankful for how understanding and compassionate all of you have been. As our family is rebuilding and restoring and healing–I’m slowly feeling more and more ready to jump back in. I am anxious to see how Ellie is going to affect this area of my life. My whole worldview is so different…I can only imagine that this will somehow seep into the way I see life through my lens. So to those of you who have entered my life in the midst of all of this–thank you for sticking with me and thank you for encouraging me along the way. I’m excited to start again and to see you all soon. :)


Christopher met Elle in nursing school and she was the first one of his friends there that I met. Elle and I clicked because we’re both super honest, super ridiculous, and we’re both obsessed with our cameras. Chris can talk nursing with her and I can talk photography with her. Win. She was dating this fella named Jet when I met her, and it was pretty stinkin’ obvious that he was totally the one, just by the way she talked about him. So when they got engaged a few months later, we were all pretty pumped. They make the cutest couple ever. I have photo evidence.

Jessie + David//Engagement

Oh, man. These two. Jessie was just recently our community director at our church. She’s literally the definition of a servant. This girl does SO much..she’s a machine. I feel like when she and this fella started dating–everyone was all like. Yeah. They’re totally it. He’s totally the one. I felt that way and I don’t even know Jessie SUPER well. So basically when they got engaged I wasn’t surprised………I was like. I mean. Yes. This makes sense. And it is SO good. So I was thrilled to be able to take their engagement photos. And yes, they are actually as cool as they look in these pictures. (P.S. Cool story. My older brother went to Clemson and totally knows David, but I had no idea about any of this until like..a week ago. My brother met him years ago and I just met him recently. I remember when my other brother told me about this that my older brother used to call him by his last name and even my parents recognized his name. Full circle. Small world.)








Emily + Shawn//Save the Dates!

Shawn (better known as Parm) and Emily are dear friends of ours and are seriously one of those couples that you just want to have around forever. They are totally meant for one another and their committment to God and to their relationship is seriously inspiring. We were beyond pumped when Parm told us he had ordered the ring. (We even got to see a sneak peak on his computer.) I should also mention that Parm is one of my favorite photographerbuddies and taking pictures of other photographers can be super fun because you can combine your ideas for some cool shots. So–their wedding is in October but we’re supposed to do a true engagement shoot in the spring. Since they wanted to get their save the dates out sooner than spring we met up for a few minutes to take a few pictures for them to use. Look out for their full engagement session in a few months! :)

Erin + Landon//Engaged!

So–confession. Erin and Landon are already married. BUT to be fair..these photos were taken just a month before their wedding and I didn’t want to miss out on posting them because they are just so cute together. We ran around at the Old Mill in Central where I had the pleasure of seeing how precious these two are as a couple. Wedding pic post soon! <3

Briana + Josh//Engagement, Anderson SC

When I first met with Briana and Josh about their wedding, I found out that Josh works as a firefighter in Anderson. I have so much respect for that kind of work and I was so pumped when they said they wanted to incorporate a fire truck into their engagement shoot. They had some friends with tons and tons of beautiful land and they let us use it…and they even let Josh drive the fire truck out there to use during the shoot. So cool. These two had us laughing the whole time–their love for one another was so obvious and can totally tell in the pictures. Also–their wedding is the day after my birthday, so fun. Briana and Josh, it was so great shooting with you two! Happy engagement. :)

Mackenzie + Andrew

Y’all. This couple is GORGEOUS inside and out, and the weather was so perfect for this shoot. I was so excited to have these two be my first entry for the new site. :) I’ve known these two for a few years now and can honeslty say they are perfect for each other. Every time I’ve photographed them I spend a good majority of the time taking breaks because I’m laughing so hard. They interact with each other so lovingly and their personalities are total compliments to one another. Beautiful.

Back Soon!

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