New beginnings…

by jordantatephotography

As most of you know, I’ve been on somewhat of a photography hiatus. I had to heartbreakingly say “no” to more than a few shoots and weddings that I was dying to attend because I knew I couldn’t deliver images you all deserved when my whole heart and mind were so engrossed in our family situation–and I think that’s okay. And I think that’s hard. To learn when to say no. I do feel that my mind and heart couldn’t have been anywhere else because this is where they needed to be…and I’m so thankful for how understanding and compassionate all of you have been. As our family is rebuilding and restoring and healing–I’m slowly feeling more and more ready to jump back in. I am anxious to see how Ellie is going to affect this area of my life. My whole worldview is so different…I can only imagine that this will somehow seep into the way I see life through my lens. So to those of you who have entered my life in the midst of all of this–thank you for sticking with me and thank you for encouraging me along the way. I’m excited to start again and to see you all soon. :)